Saturday Pennant Results 7th March 2020

Sadly the last match of the season for the Saturday sides.


Yarra Glen 1 vs Armadale 1 played at Armadale.

The first side had an away game and lost to Armadale which put paid to any chance of making it into the finals.  The final result was Armadale 89 Yarra Glen 74. Yarra Glen won on one rink, gaining 2 points.

Paul Tirant’s rink was the winner by 30 shots to 7, Mattie O’Brien’s rink lost 20 to 24, Geoffrey Senior’s rink lost 11 shots to 28 and Nick Milner’s rink lost 13 to 30.

The top side ended the season 7th on the ladder with 150 points.


Division 3 Section 5

Yarra Glen 2  vs Lilydale 3, Played at Yarra Glen

The second side played at home on the grass green and quickly settled in to take the lead and continued to build on it for the rest of the day.  The final result was 80 shots to 62. Yarra Glen won on three rinks and gained 16 points.

Gordy Baker’s rink won by 27 shots to 11, Gerald O’Brien’s rink won 21 to 17, Wayne Edwards rink won 19 to 18 and Peter Leonard’s rink lost 13 to 16.

Hard luck for Yarra Glen 2 who had a good win but were just three points short of playing in the finals. They finished 6th on the ladder with 166 points.


Division 6 section 5

Yarra Glen 3 vs Mulgrave CC  8, played at Yarra Glen

The third side had a great home win against Mulgrave CC. The home side proved to be too strong for Mulgrave, who were 2nd on the ladder, and the final result was Yarra Glen 106 shots to Mulgrave’s 71. Yarra Glen won on three rinks and drew on the fourth, gaining 17 points.

Geoff Roe’s rink won by 33 shots to 19, Jayden Leather’s rink won 28 shots to 16,  Lynnie Baker’s rink won by 21 shots to 12 and Tony Anderson’s rink drew 24 all.

Unfortunately the other clubs above Yarra Glen on the table also won and a place in the finals would have required another six points. Hard luck the thirds but a good season nevertheless. They finished 5th on the ladder with 162 points.