Tuesday Pennant Results 10th March 2020

Division 2 Section 4

Yarra Glen 1  vs Lilydale 1, Played at Yarra Glen

Yarra Glen had a good start against Lilydale who were 3rd on the ladder. Unfortunately the early gains slowly turned to losses. Lilydale steadily overtook Yarra Glen and went on to win by a comfortable 25 shots. The final score was Yarra Glen 49 shots to Lilydale’s 74 and Yarra Glen gained no points.

Gordy Baker’s rink lost by 19 shots to 23, Peter Leonard’s rink lost 17 to 24 and Ron Dalton’s rink lost by 13 to 27.

A tough day for the firsts,  Yarra Glen finished 8th on the ladder with 133 points.


Division 5 section 5

Yarra Glen 2 vs Donvale 6,  played at Donvale

The second side had a tough away match against Donvale. Despite battling hard Yarra Glen could not overcome the Donvale side on their grass green and the home team won by 61 shots to 54. Yarra Glen did win on two rinks and came home with 4 points which was enough to keep them in the finals by one point.

Darren MacMenaman’s rink won by 23 shots to 10, Allan Skillern’s rink won by 20 shots to 19 and Lynnie Baker’s rink lost 11 shots to 32.

Congratulations to the second side who finished 4th on the ladder with 152 points and gained a place in the finals. A season to be proud of – they will play an away finals match against Blackburn on Tuesday 17th March.