2019/20 Club Training Plan

Club Training Plan

1. Warm up.

Spend a few minutes getting both your mind and body ready for a serious training session. How much time you devote to training is your choice but when you do, make sure you “train with purpose”.  Ensure that what you do is disciplined and focussed to improve your skills and team game plan.

  •  Line of fire: Place mat 5 good steps from the 6 ft mark on green. Draw deliver each bowl over the marker. Objective: Stay down on mat. Extend delivery down the line over marker until bowl hits ditch.
  • Caterpillar: Draw bowl to form head to tail. Objective:  Find consistent draw line and weight. Achieve consistent bowls in the zone.

2. Skill development.

A series of different drills designed to help improve your game. Select drills you need to focus attention on. Speak to coach/skip for advice on drill selection and skill development required.

  • Tunnel Vision/Peg line: Place apparatus a good 5 steps out from the mat on draw line.  Objective:  Achieve consistent line/zone bowls. Eyes down, head down, stay down on mat until bowl has passed through tunnel or chosen peg.
  • The Slide: Mat placed 5 steps from slide.  Select end length to develop an accurate and consistent line and weight.  Reinforces delivery technique and extension down the line. Objective: Weight and line brain train. Practice each bowl 4 times then “Land the Mat”.

Jack Practice: If you are a regular lead you need to get this right.  This forms the basis of your team game plan. Discuss with your skip what length you need to focus on.  Ditch to ditch, ditch to minimum, minimum to ditch. Select playing surface your pennant game will be on.  Objective: Achieve jack roll to two mat lengths either side of chosen length.

3. Standard Drills.

These drills set the standard of performance you are expected to achieve on game day. They form the basis for recording effective bowls on game day. The acceptable level of performance will vary depending on the division you play. If you are striving to play in the top club side you need to show you are capable and consistent in producing high quality outcomes.

  • Land the Mat:  Every training session a variety of mats/tennis balls will be placed strategically on the green. Objective: Make each bowl count. Land the Mat.  Test yourself.  How good am I at doing this?????    Focus on Front End Team.
  • The 4 C’s:  A range of different drills/heads will be set up each training session to test your level of accuracy and consistency.  Focus on Back End Team.
    • Consolidate: Build on what the front end has achieved.
    • Cover: Make sure you protect head by getting bowls in strategic positions.
    • Convert: When the opportunity presents itself get in first to take advantage of the situation.
    • Change the Head: Strategic decision by Back End. There are times when the Head Build is going wrong. You need to change this early. Last bowl is too late.

4. Team Practice

Club training needs to be balanced with team practice. As much as possible get your team together and focus on strategies, game planning, match practice and simulations.

Select appropriate playing surface. Focus on the role of the Front End and Back End. Include Jack Practice and Game Plan mat position. Make sure poor bowls are re-played to achieve head outcome objective. 

In my opinion 2/4/2 is not replicating effective pennant preparation.  Team members should focus on two bowls in playing position and make Each Bowl Count.