Accredited Coaches

YGBC has a team of accredited coaches, led by Dene Milner, who are available to provide group and individual coaching to all members.  Dene sets up coaching drills regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and  Dean, Tony Anderson, Lyn Baker, and Matty O’Brien are available to help with any coaching or bowls skills queries.

If you are looking to learn the game, or improve your current skills, please contact any of them to take the next step up in your bowls journey.

Coaching tips and techniques from  YGBC Club Coach Dene Milner

Training Plan

Pennant Player Form Guide

Land the Mat


Lachlan Tighe Articles


Psychological Aspects of Bowls for coaches

coaching skills and player appraisals

coaching and Losing – lessons learnt

Personal Development

goal setting

Mental Skill Development in Training

The inevitable question – success


Tactical Development

Tactical Skill Development in Training

Tactically preparing for a tournament

Measuring Teams developing tactically


Club Pennant performances – a Reality

Game Plans for teams and positions

Effective Teams Winning Teams

team factors

Team Attitude Commitment Involvement