Land The Mat

Land the Mat

“Getting my game on Track”

Welcome back to the start of a new pennant season. For some of you there has not been much of a rest whilst others have had their bowls in cold storage. For myself it has been a complete break from the practical side of the game. Plenty of thought however has gone into how we as a club can foster the development and maintenance of a winning formula and culture that will assist enjoyment of the game, competition success and the continuous improvement of individuals intent on playing at the top of their abilities and potential.

Some things in life, particularly in sport, do not change if you want to climb to the top of the mountain.

  1. Each one of us has been gifted a talent from birth. How we use and develop that talent is an individual choice/decision.
  2. Each one of us on a regular basis needs to take a stocktake, assess where we are at, where we want to get to, what are my priorities and how do I get there.
  3. Goal setting, targeting, establishing benchmark standards are the pillars upon which desired and successful outcomes are achieved.
  4. Feedback. The best of the best constantly seek feedback and advice from eternal sources to support and advance their game.
  5. Practice. The best of the best take on board feedback (4 above) and use it to take their game to another level through quality practice sessions.

What the future holds in store for you is your choice and your decision. Your journey will require commitment, perseverance and dedication to take on board the points listed above. In many respects that old familiar saying, “if it’s going to be it’s up to me” largely holds true. Always remember there are many good people around who can lend a hand and a thought or two. So, take the opportunity to work through the points listed above in particular your willingness to seek out feedback, advice and support and apply that to practice and training with a purpose. In that way you are destined to get your game on track.